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About Hisex

Quality is at the center of our business. Whether it’s the egg shell and internal egg mass or the high level of technical support, you can count on exceptional quality every time. The Hisex Brown and Hisex White laying hens thrive in a wide number of climates, from the hot and humid climates in Brazil and Southeast Asia, to the cold and dry zones in Russia, and the hot and dry zones in the Middle East. Despite the sometimes harsh environmental conditions, the Hisex White and Hisex Brown laying hens continue to lay big numbers of first quality eggs. The Hisex chickens have been selected for persistency in egg production for decades. They can easily be kept for longer egg production cycles. Due to the more moderate egg sizes, egg quality seems to last forever. The eggs coming from the Hisex Brown and Hisex White laying hens meet the standards of the specialty table egg market needs. Our breeding department, the Hisex product performance, and our customer service and technical support teams are guided by the mission that for our Hisex Brown and Hisex White customers it is all about quality. From Hisex Brown and Hisex White parent stock, to commercial day-old chicks, 17 week old pullets or the eggs produced, it is Quality that counts!  

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